I watched every minute that Jeremy Lin was in last night

Final stat line

7 pts 7 assist 2 turnovers (shouldve been 3 but I think they gave Robin Lopez a block instead of a steal) in 23 minutes

2-6 shooting

I'll give credit where it is due, he got Houston out and running pretty well; looks like he added about 10lbs of muscle and showed some nice ball handling at one point

Funny moment was whenthe Rockets commentators tried to liken his turnovers to when Magic Johnson led the league in TO's.... LOL

still can not go left to save his life. He drove left and then was forced to pull up for a Jumper and the commentators talked about how well he "stopped on a dime", the problem was he stopped on that dime and took a dumb shot which he missed!

Still plays out of control.