@ New New York.

Loved your breakdown, and you're right, Copeland is also a mess. Just his basic coordination is dismal, timing just as bad. I didn't mind Thompson's effort - knew the sets, made the right decisions, just couldn't buy one from the perimeter.

Prigioni's efforts were excellent, and that fox-like swipe from Pargo was veteran savvy at its finest.

Re Felton, I thought he was solid. He has obviously been practicing alongside Melo and Tyson predominantly, and seems most comfortable on court with them. I really wanna see him alongside STAT.

Kidd seemed comfortable regardless, and I think that's the disparity between him and Ray.

Novak was lights out! Best shooter in the league by far. Could well break Stark's record for 3s made in a season. 220 or so, I think it is.