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I only saw highlights (I did DVR it though), sorry Yankees do or die time.

That Prigioni stat line was impressive to me. I mean with the talent we have at the 1 it's "Lin who?", seriously. Woody has many roster options at the 1 & 2.

I caught the postgame and Wally sounded good, assertive, calm, etc...

I predict that evryone's defense will have to be on display as per Woody and STAT will be exposed as a weekness to the point where his minutes reduce. We may be better without him, at least in the starting lineup. I'll wait a few games before making that determination.

I want to see how his game meshes with this group. I wanna see ballmovement, and good decision making. If we see the barrelling in at any cost, forcing and missing elbow jumpers...

He needs to sit and try to come off the bench.
Amare, 7th player of the year!
I am fine with that