So growing up in NYC I have plenty of family in each of the 5 borroughs and have love for them all (Queens is my heart though). And I especially have love for Brooklyn and what that borrough means to New York

So it's humorous to me when I think of the players that is going to represent them this year.

I mean when you look at that roster there is few players with any sort of New York Grit to them. Gerald Wallace I gotta admit is Brooklyn made.

Reggie Evans is more dumb than tough

Andre Blatche I suppose would hang in Brooklyn but the problem is no one would know who he was!

Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis would look better in Jerseys with Brooklyn on the front for sure!!! Hell Kobe and least Nash unlike D Will stays in the City during the off season.

I mean what are the chances you see Deron Williams sitting the sidelines of a street ball tourney Bed Sty? Probably more likely to see Sheed at Lin's Ivy League parties than that!!!

This is who is protecting the paint.... the heart of any tough nosed team is the Center and ol Brooke...oops excuse feminine spelling... Brook wouldnt be caught dead in Brooklyn outside a home game...more likely to be hanging in Orange County during off season

more NSYNC than NYC!!! Not gonna see him in Fort Green even if he had all of Jay Z and Beyonce` security!!!! KrisHerpes Humphries is the other part of their Center/PF cupcake factory both on and off the court.

Seriously they should be the Rye Nets because there is nothing Brooklyn about them. Steve Novak has more street cred than most of these dudes. I can honestly see Steve Novak at The Rucker before most of these dudes.

Brooklyn goes Hard....just not The Nets!!!!