Love/Hate edition from tonights game

Our 3 headed PG monster shot the ball horribly

All 3 PG's ran the floor well and found Tyson for lobs and others in their spots

28 pts in 1st qtr (an important qtr because starters are in)

Hold them to 16 in 3rd (starters in then too)

Tyson has no blocks in 2 games

Melo outscores Pierce by 11 pts in 3 less minutes

James White is the latest fail at SG this Pre Season

Felton 8 ast and 1 t.o. against the best defensive PG in the game

Erratic shooting from Novak

6 rotation players out ( including Shump,Brewer and Sheed) and we win on the road.... James White playing for Shump; Thompson for JR; Sims for Camby ;Thomas for Stat and Shuma for Sheed and we win, even in Pre Season that's saying something. Good job Woody