I was at the game tonight, left with 6 minutes to go in the 4th so i could get home and watch the Yankees. I agree with Munchen about Novak having improved since last season. Particularly on defense. Last year not that he was bad but teams would sometimes try to single him out and attack him. I dont think alotta teams will be able to do that this year depending on who hes defending. Hes rebounding better too

It seemed like Felton canceled out Rondo, i havent seen the stats but im glad Rondo didnt rape us. Felton and Kidd both did a solid job and it seems like chandler has a good idea of how to handle him when he enters the paint. Jared Jeffries has Rondo figured out more then any other player Ive seen in the NBA. Im not even exactly sure what my scouting report would be for him, he can be very difficult to stop. But like Ive said before slowing him down is the key to beating the Celtpricks