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    Default STARMELO has completely ****ed the rep system!!!

    At the behest of several of the moderators, and out of love for my fav site on the net, I'm making an attempt to bring common sense to a situation that is really screwed up and out of hand.

    That said, I will just make it very clear: The STARMELO crew has torn the rep system from the floor up.

    How are they doing this you ask??

    Well it took me a bit to catch on, but after awhile I began to grew suspicious of how certain posters were accumulating rep at such a quick pace..

    We've seen them. Several new posters that have joined the forum over the last year or so simply have a ridiculous amount of rep as compared to the amount of time they've been on the forum. When you look at the amount of time they've been posting and the quality of the posts they make, it's easy to wonder how some of these guys have gained the rep they have.

    Guys like me, Isayyugh, smokes and others have been surpassed in the rep department by posters who haven't posted as long (not nearly as long in some cases), and who don't post as well. It's ridiculous frankly, and it has taken the fun out of giving and receiving rep.

    Indeed the game has changed. With regards to STARMELO, rep is no longer a way to give props for a well made argument or precise, concise idea, or simply because someone said something you agree wholeheartedly with. Rep in and of itself has become a means to an end. To them rep is there simply to get more rep, as if people can't judge on their own who the real good and real ****ty posters are already.

    From what I can tell and what I've been told, two things have been happening:

    1. STARMELO members are reppin' each other as much as possible. When they can't give one of there members rep because the system won't allow ( and they get the dreaded, "You have to spread some rep around before giving to _______ again") it, the have been reppin' old posts from years ago, by posters who've posted one time and never again, or old timers who used to be active but aren't any more for whatever reason etc etc. This has allowed them to circumvent the rule that posters must spread rep around before they can rep a poster they've repped already basically.

    2. They've been targeting posters they don't like. That is, anyone who they think isn't a Melo supporter. It has happened on two occasions that I know of.

    This is a post from a social discussion on their group page:

    Kingstarbury: "Basically we just give eachother green rep to build eachother up. When we see someone hating on Carmelo for no good reason we all gang up on them and neg them. That way, when everybody sees there red bars they will know that poster is irrelevant and should be ignored.

    If u see an ignorant post about Carmelo your welcome to post it here so it makes it easier for us to put in our work.

    Looks like we have our first volunteer...

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Time for the Carmelo Hit Squad to put in work "

    StEpHoN_mArBuRy: Lets get this **** poppin!!

    KingStarbury3: This motherf*cker Orangeblobman is auto neg status

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Here's some posts where theories on how to get around the rep system are discussed..

    KingStarbury3: "Im not 100% sure how the rep system works but I do know....

    1) You can hand out 9 reps a day but lets say u handed out 4 reps in the morning and 5 at night. Then next day you'll be able to rep 4 more times in the morning. Its really 24 hours for each rep

    2) Once u rep someone, i think it takes about 9 or 10 reps handed out to other posters before u can rep that someone again.

    I have already seen my rep get stronger and the rep of some of u fellas...You can go to your usercp to see how many rep points u have. I know that once i got to 500, my power increased. Im at 509 right now, NYKReloaded repped me and it gave me 6 points. Crazy8's is one of the most powerful posters on this site, he repped me and gave me 19 points. Im guessing mine are worth about 12"

    NYk_Reloaded718: "All that reppin i be giving and its only 6 points? im fairly new, but im at 396 points right now one more rep and i should have a rep power of 7, so im guessing the amount of rep points i give out will increase"

    KingStarbury3: "Ill try and see if i can get u over 400 tonight that u mention that, i realize my reps might be worth under 10 points. Crazy8's has a rep power of 14, we're not too far from that"

    KingStarbury3: "I just hit u with some green NYk, how many rep points do u have now? Still trying to figure out how many points im givin yall"

    NYk_Reloaded718: "Gracious mi amigo i salute you lol. I think i have to send out some more rep before i can rep you back, but when i do let me know how much you receive (most likely have to wait 24 hours lol) but you know i got you."

    your rep pushed me from 396- 407 Btw

    KingStarbury3: "Ahh i finally get it...whatever your rep power is, thats how many points you give someone when u rep them. So your reps are worth 7 points now, RunningJumps are worth 12, NY17 is at 6, etc."

    More from Kingstarbury3..

    KingStarbury3: "Im about to chill with reppin posters outside of the MeloMafia that have as much or more rep then me. Theres a few ill still rep but I dont want too many non crew members having more rep then us. Eventually we'll be on top, but for now a good way to use up reps is to just neg bad posts from new unknown posters. And Den318 too, that fools autoneg status

    I just bumped some of yall up, Steph Marburys rep power is at 11 now. Im at 540 rep points"

    That's just some of the garbage from the STARMELO group discussion page.

    Two moderators have joined the group Running Jumper and Crazy 8's.

    From what I can tell, RunningJumper hasn't been involved at all in the neg repping of other posters or the ghey rep inflating.

    Crazy 8's joined after I informed him of what was happening (to see what was going on undercover so to speak), but before that he was being hit up regularly by Kingstarbury3 for rep hits. He too has of course not been involved in neg repping.

    I also came across this thread..


    We got our first target



    KingStarbury3: "Definitely gonna neg that f*ggot next chance i get, but i gotta hand out more rep before gettin back to him"

    StEpHoN_mArBuRy: "Got em coach!"

    KingStarbury3: "Just negged him a 2nd time"

    KingStarbury3:"I got him a 3rd time, i wonder if anyone will get suspicious with all the rep I've been handing out?"

    KingStarbury3: "Heres a breakdown of red targets and green targets


    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]


    MeloforMayor: "LMAO sup fellas. Cadet MeloforMayor, ready to troll some Melo-hating asses, sir!"

    StEpHoN_mArBuRy: "I finally spreaded enough rep to get at my nig KS again... ****..."

    StEpHoN_mArBuRy: "New target added to neg rep list:"

    KingStarbury3: "lol that f*ggots already red...he'll never see green on here"

    Is this highschool smh??

    The above nonsense needs to be dealt with.

    IMO one of two things needs to happen. Rady should either do away with the rep system entirely with relation to posters repping one another (everyone would still be able to receive rep via length of time on the site, number of posts, threads created that receive over 50-100 posts etc), OR more intense monitoring and policing needs to take place w regards to positive rep patterns and neg repping other posters etc.

    One or the other.

    Otherwise we'll have the above from STARMELO which really sux and takes a bit away from the fun of being a member and frequent poster here at KO.

    Sorry to the posters I aired out on this thread, but frankly your behavior is ridiculous and you all deserve it.

    And.. FWIW I really respect the posting of most of the members in STARMELO. Some of them may or may not be culpable. Some are and some definitely aren't culpable.

    Y'all can see who they all are here

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Let it all be discussed and you be the judge.

    Lastly, I hope this thread ultimately helps to make the forum better. That is all that is intended. I also feel bad for the posters that were unfairly targeted for whatever the reason was..

    I'm posting this now because I feel it should be handled in some fashion before the season starts.


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