Will Felton bring back Stoudemire to the P&R elite?

○ I said when the trade went down for Felton, that as much as it's an encouraging thought to have him back and in sync with STAT in the P&R, that Tyson is by far the better pick setter out of both he and Amar'e. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Tyson's picks are league class, and that if there's anyone that outclasses him as a pick setter, they'd be one of very few.

In yesterday's preseason game VS Boston (fags), the commentator, whose name I don't recall, eluded to the fact that Chandler was an excellent finisher on the P&R, more so probably than Dwight Howard, which led me to rekindle this discussion.

Another thing to remember, is that Chandler and Felton also played, and started, together in Charlotte. So there is pre-formed chemistry there already, and since that time Chandler's game has elevated dramatically after having played with CP3, and Jason Kidd in Dallas.

Adding Jason Kidd to the fray.

○ As I just mentioned, part of the reason Chandler's game elevated offensively can be related to the C, PG role he has shared with 2 of the league's all time, future hall of fame point guards CP3 and Captain Kidd. Bringing Kidd to New York is only far more likely to see Chandler's offensive numbers go up, and given that thought, is it too optimistic to think that he'll even be worth 15-16 PPG this season? Considering his high percentage shots and impeccable timing on the P&R, to think he'll receive the ball close to the basket 6 times a game isn't overstepping the mark in the slightest.

Where does Amar'e's P&R game fit in?

○ Mid range dominance. Pure and simple. It is the only advantage STAT has over Chandler in any sense of the game itself; he can shoot.

In his time as the offence's go to scorer pre Melo, Amar'e Stoudemire's game was lethal because of his triple threat ability, as pointed out perfectly by Elton Brand and Al Horford in the above video.

As I say, it is his only advantage as a front court scoring option on this team, and if he's to return to form, his shot will have to be what propels his offence.

But therein lies the issue. Last season STAT was the league's worst shooter from what was his former sweet spot. And, as you'll see, he's not the only current Knick on the chart below.

So how's that! STAT and Ray are the league's worst shooters on opposite sides of the court! That is not good! If they're to run a successful 2 man game as the majority of the site apparently assumes they will, then this is a serious concern. We can say, "Just let them play on the other side of the court", but that would be ignoring the 3 other players out there, and whether or not that will detract from continuity. The other concern, as with a lot of D'Antoni's old spaced offence, is that it's prone to predictability, and teams the likes of Miami, that are an elite defensive squad, chew up offences that are easily read. It's a cynic's view, but it's not implausible cynicism.

There's food for thought here, KO. And while I could rattle on about it at great length, especially considering that I've not mentioned Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks' best player who destroyed the league at the 4 last year, and the fact that Chandler's presence affected Amar'e's usefulness last year, there is much to add to the burning questions regarding the reemergence of Amar'e Stoudemire, and the players in O&B that'll help bring him back from the doldrums of, well, sh*ttyness.

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