Because Knicks will be playing Dallas twice, Philly twice, Miami, San Antonio, Indiana, BROOKLYN, HOUSTON, then we wrap it up with a couple of freebies end of month.

So right there we're thrown into the fire plus we have the Lin game, when he will be playing at home against us and he'll want to come out and drop buckets.

You got Dallas, Kidd's return to Dallas. Philly with Bynum, the Atlantic rival. San Antonio is always a great team, a great challenge.

Indiana, a contender out of the Eastern.

Wrap it up with some freebies with Washington, Bucks, Pistons. Nothing to it should get those 3 easy to go into with at least a 3 game winning streak into December, but I think we can go into December with a 7 game winning streak.

Then in December, we have Miami again, Chicago, then Denver and Gallinari comes to town and they will drop the buckets with anger in their brains. Gallo always loved playing here, so it will be a great early barometer, already second month of the season and we're 2 season on from the Trade, and now it's an interesting point to see where the team records are and how many buckets everyone is dropping.

Brooklyn again in Brooklyn again. Should be crazy, things are heating up now and it's the first Real Clash when both teams are up to steam. Jason Kidd with 12 points on 4 for 4 treys, book it.

You got the Lakers twice in December and Minny comes to town, I hope to see Pekovic against our front line to see how he will handle himself against Tyson and Camby.

And the Lakers twice in December. Nash, Howard and Kobe, the wrecking crew.

I have us at 20-10 at end of December, and now we're rolling into the New Year with steam in the head.