Sup fellas....

After a long hiatus I'll be back scouring this message board. I've been keeping up with every bit of Knicks news along the way, and am MORE than pumped at the slate of games this season.

While I couldn't cop tickets to opening night in BK, I WILL be at the MSG opener vs. the Heat and the game at BK in December (12th).

This thread is for predictions.

At minimum, please post your W/L prediction and projected playoff standing (if necessary ). Anything else is just for fun. I searched and didn't see a thread like this so hopefully I'm not double posting.

If anyone forgot who I am, I am the guy with the 'ALL I DO IS LIN LIN LIN' shirt at the laker game. I have since peed on and burned that shirt.

W/L: 56-26
DIV: #1 in Atlantic
CONF: #2 in East

...and in (rare) Knick fan optimism:
ECF: Knicks over Heat in 7
Finals: Knicks over Lake Show in 6


PS - loving our new uni's and pumped for a MONSTER season!!