I have lost my ability to neg. I dont see the fairness in this punishment considering that I never planned on negging a poster like Ron.

While hes not a big Carmelo fan he does an excellent job of defending his point of views with facts. The group wasnt intended for posters like him. Metrocard is another poster thats not always been the biggest Melo supporter but has done a great job of supporting his opinions with facts.

Heres a post of mine from the Starmelo group page dated October 6th

I agree Crazy, unless its a poster doing what Orangeblobman used to do. The majority of the posters on here i wouldnt neg rep, just the 2 that u mentioned and maybe two others

Im not even really sure what to do at this point, it seems fans of other teams signing up here is gonna be a bigger problem then Melo haters. For now we can just keep green repping eachother and I guess we'll see what happens once the season starts.
Clearly I had no intentions of negging posters unless they really deserved it and were likely to be banned from the site at some point.

So why take away our power to Neg? It makes no sense to me. If there was anything i did wrong, it was handing out excessive amounts of green rep. But yet my neg reps get taken away

I searched this site for all the information i could find on the rep system, there are no clear rules anywhere. This stuff goes on at other sites, I would have fully understood a warning but to take action against me...I mean to me, it just doesnt make sense.

I would like to know the amount of time I won't be able to neg anyone. And also, I request that since I started the group that I be the only one subject to any actions you feel are necessary. The rest of the group, they didnt know the rules either. So why should they be punished for my idea?