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    Default Official Rec League Thread

    We lost yesterday 55-47, but we only had 5 guys so I had to pace myself throughout. Only a single sprint all game to successfully stop a break, clean the glass.

    Had 1 block, around 10 boards, at least 4 dimes on football-pass outlets, and I had 6 points, all off of offensive rebounds including one tap-back.

    So it was a good game I think. Also, foul trouble; caught 2 in the first quarter and I had 4 in the Fourth so I spent most of the final period standing and watching on drives to the hole, I couldn't afford to pick up another foul and leave our team with 4 guys on the floor.

    Dumbbells, squats, and we will come back next week to bang it even harder.

    Record: 1-2

    Tell us about your league and your exploits.

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    My league starts this coming sunday. Been asked to play at the 3 though I'm a 4. Should be a lot of fun. Our sponsor is Don Cherry's resturant (big hockey guy here in canada, funny, weird suits. Check him out. He's the Charles Barkely meats John Madden of Hockey). Best Chicken Wings in town.

    The league I'm in this year is actually a step backwards for me in terms of quality. Last season I played in D3 which is where the bulk of the City's men play. This year i'm in a league that only plays on Sundays and is more like the D-League affiliate of the city league. I am hopeful that by getting into a team in this league they will use me more regularly. I'll get more minutes and touches then I did with that D3 team. The goal is next year to try out for the D2 team after proving to myself and my team that i'm a top level talent in this league.

    A lot of work to put in. I'm doing dribble drills daily, stepping up my cardio game with a program that Metro laid out for me and playing lots of ball.

    For my weekly ball schedule I'm hoping for 1 scrimmage with the Division 2 team I want to join next year, 1 practice with my D-League and our sunday games for a total of 3 solid runs a week. We'll see how this season goes!

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    That **** sounds deep as ****, p0nder!

    That's one hell of a league structure you have, more power to you. Maybe you are in some major Canadian city?

    For us, there is this league, and it is pretty bootleg. The schedules don't come out until after way past mid-way of season, so that for the first 5 or 6 games we are guessing as to when we will play, and we have to be ready at a moment's notice to come into the gym.

    There is a small table that sells gatorade and redbulls for cash money.

    The score keeper is a bum who can't keep **** straight and we often have to correct him, plus we get called for mad techs because the refs hate us.

    How many buckets do you drop per game?

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