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    Default Billy Hoyle Challenge - Game 1 Knicks @ Nets - Make predictions now!


    Ok, I'm back. I woke up from under a rock for the past few weeks, and I see the knicks have a winning team. Am I dreaming here or is this real? The contest is on for the Knicks Nets Game on the 26th. Feel free to update your Predictions or add them if there are any new fans now that the team is winning.

    Hello Knicks Fans. For your entertainment I have created a challenge for this upcoming season to test your basketball knowledge and talents of prognostication. The way it works is quite simple:

    1. If you wish to enter, please post in this thread before the first game to reserve your spot. All future predictions should be placed in this original post.

    2. I Will Select a series of games, the preliminary list of which will be provided below, to which this contest applies.

    3. It is your job to predict the following categories in these game, and will be awarded accordingly:
    -Winning team (10 points)
    -Statistical Category 1 (7 points)
    -Statistical Category 2 (5 points)
    -Miscellaneous Category (3 points)

    4. At the end of these games, the there will be a grand prize and first runner up awarded to the two posters who have the most total points.

    Grand Prize: Knicks Jersey of my choice in size of your choice (probably will be the cheapest one I can find) OR Knicks Book of my choice for you learned folk (Will be a hardcover...Something nice ya know).

    First Runner Up: At worst a Beanie or Towel: At best a sweatshirt/Tshirt

    And of course pride.

    To ensure that the contest is fair, once the season has started, I will not change the number of games that will be counted toward this point total. So, depending on the interest here, I might set the # of games at 10, 15, 20, etc.
    In addition, I will not change the relative point values of each category prior to the start of the season.

    Here is what will vary:
    I reserve the right to swap any game with a week's notice...I would only do this if one of my original choices seems like a boring game (maybe an injury changes the dynamic of that team) or suddenly a new
    team emerges (e.g. the Knicks are battling for the 8th playoff spot).
    Statistical Category 1 will be predicting the game's leader of a Major statistical category of my choice (Points, assists, Rebounds, blocks, etc)
    Statistical Category 2 will be a Minor Statistical Category of my choice
    (Blocks, steals, Free throws, Fouls, etc)
    Miscellaneous Category will be something like: What color is Clyde's suit? Or: Do the Knicks/Carmelo get Booed.

    Anyway, I will add to this post as the season goes on to update for each of the selected games (will be listed a week ahead of time) with my choices for the categories. Also, I will keep tally of the Standings.

    Game 1: New York Knickerbockers at Brooklyn Nets

    It's no longer the regular season debut of the Nets in their new home, the Barclay's Center. Have all the converted BK fans gone back to rooting for the Knicks? Melo is having the type of year that Knicks fans hoped for when they MeloMania first began, and Joe Johnson has had one of the worst starts to his career. It's with this matchup in mind that I have chosen my categories, which are still the same as before.

    Who wins, BK or NY?

    Statistical Category #1: Points Who will be the leading scorer when the night is done? The money is on Melo, but maybe some see a resurgence of Stat? How about another outburst from Dwill like we saw last year? Lets hear it.

    Statistical Category #2: 3pt FG Made
    This one might just come down to who chucks up the most.

    Miscellaneous Category #3: Who ends the night missing more FG, Melo or Johnson? In this category i'm bringing the spotlight back to the Melo JJ matchup. It's a simple question: Who misses more tonight, Melo or JJ?

    Ok KO posters. Here's how it works if I haven't been clear. Edit your predictions into the post below at any time between now and the game (or if you haven't posted yet just make a new post). Once you have your predictions down, don't edit that post again until I have updated the standings because i'm going by the time stamp of last edit, which has to be before the game starts. Once I have posted these standings, if you think I got something wrong, let me know and as long as you haven't edited your post, I will gladly correct it. If you are worried about somebody else stealing your great pick, then I will also accept submissions by PM (I don't see this as being necessary until we are down to the final few weeks).

    The preliminary list of games that will count toward this contest is 15 and they are as follows:

    Nov 1. Brooklyn
    Nov 2. Miami
    Nov 9. Dallas
    Nov 28. @Milwaukee
    Dec 6. @Miami
    Dec 11. @ Brooklyn
    Dec 17. Houston
    Dec 25. @ LA
    Jan 11. Chicago
    Jan 24. @ Boston
    Feb 10 Clippers
    Feb 24. Philly
    Mar 3. Miami
    Mar 7. OKc
    Mar 26. @ Boston

    This list will definitely change.

    Good Luck
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