Hey all, just wanted to know what you guys have been getting from our pre season games so far.

For me, it's the reassurance that some of our fringe signings (White, Pablo, Prigioni) are great garbage minute players and are all putting a solid case for regular rotation minutes.

Pablo has been the most consistent turning up in all of the games. Copeland and White have still been great assets but have played lacklustre at times. Copeland is showing he is worthy of getting minutes at the 3 & 4. Will be hard to tell how White will earn his minutes in amongst Novak/Copeland getting most of the minutes behind Melo and even STAT.

Great to see that we are getting our fringe and role players a lot of burn, but I would like to see more playing time between our starting 5 and JR Smith. But hey they are training most days together as it is, so Woodson must have a good idea of how they are progressing.