Lastnight, I had the oportunity to watch the Bulls-94 vs OKC-89 game .... I seen more passing from the Bulls & OKC frontcourt bigmen then I did from a lot of preseason teams gaurds .. "Noah, Boozer, Deng, Gibson" vs "Perkins, Ibaka, Theebet, Jones", these bigmen quick movement of the ball giving their team 3 to 5 passes before the shot, plus position movement were outstanding compared to our Knicks below average frontcourt bigmen performance.
Boozer & Ibaka scored 24 points, and 8 plus rebounds.

There is no way we could beat ether team this season with Melo at the PF spot trying to defend C, PF, SF, and SG, plus with Tyson Chandler getting fooled on every switch to keep him out of the paint will have fans yelling for Camby.
I actually thought Woody could get Tyson & Melo to use the same position format as Horford & Josh use in Atlanta, but the two are far from it.
I thought I would see at least one low-post back to the basket move from Amare in a halfcourt setting with Melo in the lineup in Toronto.
What I seen from the Three Stooges performance in Toronto had me expect the cyst injury the next day.