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I made a post on realGM about a guy who wants to bomb the Fed and kill Barrack Obama.

I'm not a Democrat or Republican supporter, don't believe this system is efficient for humanity and economizing it's resources.

This is the quoted post I made.

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I see nothing wrong with his intentions.
Dumbest post ever.

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I see nothing wrong with his intentions.
Quite a radical and absurd statement...

I do not support the FED nor the concept of central banking (in whatever country) as it is a means to manipulate economies (regardless if intent is not sinister), but that does not mean that you change the system by violence. Support a guy such as Ron Paul who has wanted to rid the FED since the 1970s... do it democratically.

As a side note, manipulating the money supply (i.e. by buying/selling Treasuries to change interest rates (discount/fed window), changing reserve requirements, etc.) is somewhat of a utopian notion which assumes that the future can be predicted and that macroeconomic policy has linear consequences... unrealistic. It is also somewhat of a socialist/extremely command economy notion that a few policy makers (Bernanke, NY Fed, and the collection of other country FED banks) can manage the economy as a small group better than the individuals of this country. It is not free markets at work. We'll eventually suffer from high inflation because of quantitative easing. The CPI is also a bs measure as it excludes energy prices... plus the relationships in economics is non-linear and consequences occur in the long term. The FED is myopic.

The only good news is that the US economy, regardless how mediocre, is still better than most of Europe (excluding Germany and Scandanvian countries). We enjoy capital coming here. We're really benefiting from having the USD as a reserve currency.... individuals are buying Treasuries and funding our trade deficit. Still, this is not a long-term plan for success.
This is a load of bull.

Do it democratically? Can you explain what that is? Is that even a thing to do? Or are you just making up nonsense based on something you saw on YouTube that made you think you know what you're talking about?

You're really loading yourself with a hot steaming pile of BS, I don't know why. What's going down in Europe, will happen in the United States very soon and in a more intense matter.

Defendants of the status quo and this system is what contributed to the **** of the world today. You're infilled with denial, easily mislead and controlled to be obedient. It's arrogant to believe theres any good news in this country. People are homeless. Views are different when the real issues aren't close to home or in your backyard. I grew up in West Tremont, in the Bronx. Poverty has been my environment for years. I refuse to be apathetic to this because we have enough land, resources for energy and food for every single person living on this planet but we've been enslaved in a system that has a priority of profit by scarcity, not a priority of human necessity by economizing resources. This is why you can't take people who live in safe and quality conditions seriously when discussing the distribution of wealth. Poverty doesn't hit their heart and their value system isn't built around it, they may worry more the election, capital, and keeping their wealth. We have a society who only cares about themselves and their materialistic, anti social behavior. This lack of empathy is the root of the problem. American riots will be the worst in the world because of the amount of arrogance, denial, narcissism, drugs and violence in the country. These factors are systemic and will spread further until you and your family are homeless.

I don't blame anyone in this thread for being mislead. This system of suppression of original thought & individual expression, public educations primary objective is to surreptitiously system shock the collective into a servile state of compulsive compliance to the will of the systems authorities. SYSTEMIC INSANITY, an intentionally imposed pseudo psychosis imparted through daily system stress pressure hypnosis. "Education" has come at great cost, as for every test taken a piece of ourselves was lost. "A child miseducated is a child lost." - John F. Kennedy Your thoughts are served to free you or make you freely served? Let me know.

Those who are powerful have used war(most extreme form of violence) to gain what they have today. But when some little guy has an idea of blowing up the Federal Reserve who **** millions of people in the world on a daily basis, you get your panties bunched up about this? Does anyone see the failure in this kind of thinking? Status quo defendants. We put down people who have ideas to buck the system that has affected majority of the world's population in a complete negative.

A collapse is coming, and people like Regress will be the least prepared.

Thomas Jefferson was and still is right. JFK was and still is right. Pedro Albizu Campos was and stilll is right.
All our problems we face now can be linked back to a gross misuse of money, wars, the federal Reserve, special interest corporations using unlimited anonymous spending power to put presidential candidates on steroid financial spending power, making it so the others can't keep up and special interest corporations lobbying and buying out your politicians. This system is unhealthy to humanity, if you're not against bucking it then you're totally filled with **** and have been successful conformed.

There are RIOTS in Europe and people trying to overthrow governments, this essentially is one of the most important movements happening right now. I guarantee you riots in the United States will be a lot worse, riots will even spread to your neighborhood and when you are and your family are in danger, don't remember me...just stay conformed and still believe this system has any good left. From 1776 until 1980, the US was never more than $1 trillion in debt. Fast forward 32 years and we are now nearly $16 trillion in debt. That's a 1600% increase. Before the States started printing money out of thin air in 2008, gold was $700 an oz. It is now around $1600 an oz...We Sold Gold guys are taking over the Bronx and any city filled with poverty. Every time the Fed prints money, the value of yours goes down. I guess common sense isin't all that common....this is a **** system and has to be revoked. Voting for the president doesn't do anything except give power to the establishment. If we were given freedom, then we'll have a choice to choose not the candidates but for an entirely new system that makes human necessity and the quality of life a priority. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Capitalism, communism, any system that involves a monetary system is totally not going to work. Those who believe it will work have been fed with so much nonsense they can't see anything else possibly working or don't believe in an efficient system that utilizes resources to max potential, a system that actually economizes instead of doing the opposite which today's monetary system does.

Other countries are making moves to get out of the PetroDollar system. Japan & China can now bypass the dollar in trade. Iran is starting to sell oil in gold. China (the world's 2nd biggest economy) is stockpiling gold right now. I'm not one of those pro-China-propaganda people; I don't think China is safe because if the USA falls then China will fall too, but I believe China has a more efficient long term plan. I may just start buying gold & silver just based on the fact that Ben Bernanke has a dollar-devaluing printing press that he'll be firing up again soon. The systemic risk is coming...I honestly don't give a damn if you don't believe me, I'm not here for anyone's approval. I speak my thoughts and I come from the heart a critical mind that's pissed off about these issues. I earn and make a living on my own business and we know life is not easy, it never is; but refuse to settle for less and always demand for more than what you deserve, but try to give more than you take...be a productive civilian. I am not a bad person, I want the best for you, and every family out there that's getting shunned in so many aspects of life because of these psychopaths who control the wealth. They problem doesn't lie with them, it lies within us. Open up your mind, and stop thinking like how they want you to think and start becoming your high and best self. Kill your oldself, free yourself, your concepts seem to be based on fear. BTW...I'm ready for you to call me a conspiracy theorist because I haven't conformed and value the propaganda that has been fed to you.

"The use of 'conspiracy theory' as a derogatory -- as an epithet almost -- is something the propagandists have perfected over the decades, and it's a useful tool for eliminating articulate dissent and other points of view, and information that might be inconvenient for a policy agenda." - Chris Sanders

But don't believe in anything I say. I'll get the same subjective attitude and ignorance. I doubt it'll resinate in your soul since you have a different value system and you're not from the hood. You and I will never share equal values, so lets agree to disagree. I'm not here to read bull.