I dont support acts of violence and I do not support blowing up any building, especially if it means the people will build a new one and be pissed off this time around

I am a Ron Paul supporter and democratically would have been the best way to get rid of the FED

But let's be realist here....the FED owns our economy, they set the rules and since 1913 they have been in charge.

The only way to stop such power is by throwing them out, and that won't happen because the American people are too concerned with other matters rather than the FED which is the root of many of our problems.

The system of the FED breeds corruption and gives too much power to the bankers. Our money is ruled by bankers, oil by Opec, and now in desperation the government is trying to control health care LOL....all of this has led me to the view that our government is actually an Oligarchy but that is a whole other conversation.

Someone like Ron Paul won't be elected soon because the media will never support such a candidate. He goes against the popular views, the political dogma, the power politics of the day.

>>>I do believe that Ron Paul might have started something in the minds of young voters. Most people I know in their 20's love Ron Paul and his views but understand the country is not ready for such a candidate. They want a new vision for America that says out with the FED, policing the world, exploiting the resources of other nations, the lies through the media, the two party system and how it blinds the real issues, etc.

Ron Paul is ahead of his time.

And one day people might be so sick of the FED that they bomb it and it won't seem so crazy.