You seem to be confused about an obvious difference between race and nationality. Europeans, based on skin color, usually consider four races: black, red, white and yellow. Obviously, such a division would probably cause some confusion across the pond as many people of Asian or native American ethnicity could consider it racist to be called respectively "yellow" and "red". But it seems to be working over here and nobody feels hurt about being called "black", "yellow" or "white", especially that it doesn't collide with nationality, which means someone can be black French, yellow Russian or white Spanish. But, I understand where you come from, I remember watching an Aries Spears show a while ago and I recall I was a little confused about him making a joke that African people hate black people which sounds unlogical as the majority of African people are black themselves. On the other hand if you asked an average Spanish guy if he was of Hispanic race he wouldn't understand what the hell are you talking about, because he's white.