● In considering the individual games of Amar'e and Pablo, it's apparent that both of them are pick and roll players. Given that Pablo is far and away a pass first player before he's anything else, is constantly look to play off the P&R to initiate penetration/dish/kick-out, and that Amar'e thrives in the P&R as a finisher, are we on the verge of seeing a great 2 man game unfold here?

● Having given thought to that, my wealth of video clips I've accumulated over the season's first 30 games will help give credence to the concept that Amar'e and Pablo could be the surprise of the year for this team offensively.

The key, quite clearly, is to imagine that whoever is running the P&R with Pablo (in these examples we have TC and Sheed) would/will be Amar'e.

● So there we have 3 classic examples of a P&R with Pablo dictating the timing and drawing of defenders with Sheed and Tyson, who admittedly are very good P&R players themselves, rolling to the basket. Add Amar'e to that frame of thought, but also consider that Felton's current injury status and Amar'e's playing in the 2nd unit alongside Pablo, make this a tantalising, destined collaboration.

● Another point that suggests this P&R marriage will be golden, is the success that Pablo and Copeland have had together in the P&R. It started in the preseason, but definitely made a lot (if not all) of us aware that Pablo's P&R game is crisp and timely.

● Pablo's offence as an individual will be brought to the forefront in the absence of Felton, as well. As a capable penetrator and shooter - though he seems reluctant to initiate offence for himself - I'm intrigued as to how deep he can dig as the team's only pure PG backup.

● Another thing to consider is the role that Kurt Thomas has established within the team as a jump shooter. He's often of late been found within 15-18 feet of the basket for an open look, and has done rather well, shooting slightly over 50%. This brings me to a group of follow up questions regarding the tandem of Pablo and Amar'e, and what to expect from Amar'e as a rounded scorer.

- Will Amar'e's mid range dominance return and become a factor for the Knicks?

- Will he predominantly be a jump shooter?

- Will Pablo's P&R brilliance entice him back to the basket?

- What of his post game?

Food for thought!