The Knicks' first 5 games are as follows:

1. Brooklyn
2. Miami
3. 76ers
4. 76ers
5. Dallas

Given that the injury status of Chandler (yet to be determined), Smith (should be cleared), STAT (out), Camby (unsure?), Sheed (not injured but fat) will lead us in to the season somewhat malnourished personnel wise, what are the chances the Knicks go 0-5 before facing Orlando in their 6th game?

What if we start this season of seasons with an 0-5 record?

The typical reaction amongst Knick fans is wide spread panic.

With a hint of realism onboard, how will you react to a nasty, putrid 0-5 start for our beloved Knicks?

Sure, it's circumstantial, but that hasn't stopped KO from fretting in the past.