I have been reading but haven't posted in awhile and I think this kid deserves his own thread.

With Amare's injury, I believe Copeland will see significant minutes and really impact the Knicks this season.

The Knicks have 2 tough games for a guy to open with, but after that I see no reason why this guy can't be a legit player in the rotation.

Copeland's Positives:

Rebounds on both ends
Has a Jump shot
Long and Tall
Can play with back to basket and facing
Can handle ball
good bball insticts
good free throw shooter
pretty good passer

Could use some more strength, especially in legs
Not great in pick n roll
A little slow laterally on defensive side
Not a good vert jumper
Commits to move too early at times

Overall I think he can really contribute and maybe start while Amare is out. He seems like he can be a 10pt 10rebound guy and can score when Carmelo goes to the bench.

I wouldn't doubt it except I wish he was just a tad more explosive. I think guys like B.Bass, K.Faried, and B.Griffin may be too strong and tough for him to guard but he seems to have the desire.

Chris Copeland, PF from out of nowhere to make a big impact.

Let's go Knicks !!!