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    Biggest things tonight for me: Chandler's uneven performance; JR/Ray both having off-nights and no Sheed down the stretch

    (1) I know Chandler had a good game offensively for a switch (and a lot of his FGs were off offensive put backs -- dude still have essentially ZERO offensive game to speak of), but Goddamn man, how many times do I gotta watch him BOTH (a) not challenge a shot at the rim and then (b) not go after the friggin' defensive rebound?? Dude just stands there, deer in headlights sometimes, on plays like that...Happened 5 times tonight at least...Not what you expect outta a defensive player of the year. Maybe I just expect too much outta this man --- I expect a guy that's just gonna play like an ANIMAL defensively and on the glass and he just doesn't play like that. He's a guy that brings it in sputs and unfortunately for us, he takes way too many plays off. Just gimme one or the other -- commit to blocking a shot (this guy's really not a good shot-blocker anyway) or go get that defensive rebound. Way too many times he gives neither on a particular play underneath. Unacceptable...And while we're on Chandler and rebounding -- ENOUGH with the ****ing backtaps -- GO GET THE REBOUND YOURSELF DAMMIT!!! I can't stand it. Complained about him doing it last year all the time. It's just lazy...Gimme the best rebounders you can think of -- Charles Oakley, Barkley, Rodman, Hakeem, even a guy like Reggie Evans -- did you ever see these guys constantly flailing away trying to backtap the ball to whoever all the time? Nope...Those guys were securing all those rebounds themselves...Sorry to rip this guy, he played well tonight, pluses even outweighed the negatives, but I just can't get past his deficiencies. Dude only had 3 defensive rebs. in over 45 mins! WHAT?!? Carmelo Anthony is a better rebounder than Tyson Chandler. I don't even think that's up for debate..

    (2) Just one of those off nights for Smith I guess. Goddamn man -- he even shows up and has a passable game and we win this in regulation, probably by 7, 8 pts. or better. Gotta give Bogans and even Joe Johnson credit here. Bogans was good defensively all night (esp. on Melo) and even though Johnson didn't shoot well he didn't let it affect him on the other end -- he still played good D. With all his athleticism and talent, I just don't understand why JR doesn't take the ball to the basket more. Like Ray, Swish was totally out of sync tonight..Ray just didn't play with confidence tonight which surprised me because he generally gets up for the better PGs in the NBA, esp. Paul and D-Will. We would've been able to survive with either Ray or JR having an off night, one or the other, not both. Ray was caught in between all night -- trying to facilitate and also be a scorer. He was really out of sync with Chandler 90% of the night.

    (3) I dunno man -- I think Chandler needed all the help he could've gotten down low tonight. KT played OK to open it, then never got back in...Camby looks like he's done -- either it's a conditioning issue with this guy and he'll round back into form or he's done. Have trouble believing that -- he averaged like 9 rebs and a blk and a half a game last yr in limited duty. Those are still above average #s -- impact #s -- but the way he's playing, esp. tonight, I just don't see a guy that can help us. This is undoubtedly what Woody sees too, hence the string of DNPs recently....Sheed played well tonight I thought -- he hit a couple of 3s, got his shots off at will (from deep & in the post), and he made a difference defensively and on the glass...I thought it was a mistake to go away from him and bury him toward the end of regulation and for the whole OT. Just my 2 cents. When we went up by 5 or 6 for our biggest lead at one point in the 2nd half, Sheed was a big reason why..The lineup we should've milked, esp. at the end, should've been Tyson 5, Sheed 4 and Melo back at the 3. I would've played Sheed over Novak at the end myself.
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