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Call me crazy, but I prefer Prigioni over Felton, always have and always will.

We haven't seen Pablo's best work yet, Woody has to set him free.

I'm nailing Felton on the cross NOW before he goes on a streak of these type of games. He did in Portland last season and he'll do it again. Trust me guys. We should be alarmed.
I agree I think ppl are minimizing Felton's poor play I noticed he's been playing selfish hero ball for the past 4 games or so it just really caught up with him last night. He's setting a selfish tempo for the team by the PG going out and trying to get his instead of setting everyone else up. But Woodson has been coaching terribly in the past 4 or 5 games as well terrible rotations imo and the fact that he seems to want to play more iso ball which is the main reason for the Knicks struggles these past few games in my eyes.