^ I think Felton is a bit out of control right now epitomized by the final play of the first half in this game where he missed a wide open Chandler for a dunk. Tyson and Woody chewed him out immediately after the horn.

But I think it's being way blown out of proportion. The shots Felton was taking in the 4th that he missed were great shots, coming round that screen with a completely open look which he makes I'd say 75% of the time this season. I also thought when he did that floater/runner/shot/pass thingy that he got pushed in the back and no one seemed to notice.

Yeah his shot wasn't falling this game but those same shots he missed in this game have been huge for us down the stretch of other recent games.

Felton needs to be reigned in a bit and make sure he sees the open man but I'm not mad about him taking those shots down the stretch, they were great looks.