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No matter how bad Sandy is it will never reach the scale of what you guys in Asia and the Pacific experience with those Tsunami's. So far as of Monday noon in NY it has not hit so we got a day off for nothing and if it hits late today/tomorrow we will probably get another day off.

That's BS about them cancelling today's practice, the weather wasn't bad enough for them to cancel it and if the guys that live in Manhatten didn't want to drive up there they could have gotten a car service. The practice facility is only about a 40 minute drive from Manhattan. Don't expect a practice tomorrow if they don't today. I think a reason for Woody wanting these practices before opening day is to see if he can get Rasheed into the mix with Amare out, I don't think that's going to happen now, I doubt Woody runs a full practice a day before opening day.
Bro you are really buggin, have you taken a look outside? And I live in Queens, it must be crazy right now in Manhattan.