Starks Raving Mad: 5 Things that matter this year (w/o mentioning Lin)

1. The chip on Feltonís shoulder
When Felton was traded back to the Knicks, he wasnít exactly welcomed back by fans with open arms. How could he after the miserable minutes heís logged on the court since he last put on a Knick jersey? When you-know-whosigned with the Rockets, Felton was an easy target to absorb fan rage. And letís be honest, New Yorkers are more obsessed with weight than High School Girls are, so Feltonís portly physique made for an instant bullseye. You could only imagine how Felton must have felt to return back to the team played his best basketball with only to be completely disregarded.

Donít think for a minute that Felton isnít taking this personally. While it wasnít exactly as exciting as last season, 2010-11ís ďFelton-sanityĒ period was some pretty decent basketball by any standards. During that run, while some big names like Chris Paul and Steve Nash were putting up numbers like 15.9ppg & 9.8a (CP3) and 14.7ppg & 11.4a (Nash), Felton was averaging All-Star numbers with 17.2ppg and 9 assists while mastering a pick-n-roll offense with Amare that gave Knick fans the best basketball they have seen at MSG in by guys wearing Knick uniforms in years. Of course that had a lot to do with Dantoniís liberal system, but that body of work lasted longer than ďLinsanityĒ did. Now with Melo as the undisputed nucleus of the team, Woodsonís grind it out system in place, and Amare out for God knowís when, Felton definitely wonít go back to being the player he was in that time.

What will be here is the same PG that wasnít afraid to take big shots and loved seeing the Garden come alive during the 4th quarter. That same dude who at one time [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] about Knick pride and playoff basketball as if he was a vintage Knick vet. Iím not saying to run and add Felton to your fantasy teams, but I do think the Knicks will have a PG that is somewhere in between 2011ís apex and last seasonís nadir- and that aint bad at all for 3 years & $10M.

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