Bottom line is this, the team may well be the best you've seen if you're under 25 but if not, they aren't at the level of the 90's teams quite yet. This would obviously change with consistency and a deep playoff run.

Currently, this team is playing like we all thought given the deep roster and expectations from our new players. KT holds down the PF spot with solid defense, Felton is indeed playing with a chip on his shoulder, Kidd is the verteran saavy pg we all were expecting, Priggers is providing great ball movement and getting everyone involved, Brewer is intense on defense the way we envisioned and Sheed so far looks like he'll be our versatile big man who can stretch the defense, score in the post plus defend and rebound. We haven't seen Camby yet but just last season he was very productive off the bench with rebounding and defense.

As Sheed said last night, this team is just at the tip of the iceberg. The potential is scary at full strength.