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I like what he had to say about STAT as trade bait.

Look I love Amare and donít think heís gotten enough credit for wanting to embrace the role of ďfranchise saviorĒ when he signed with the Knicks 2 seasons ago. Itís just that we have gotten more than enough evidence to know that ďStat & MeloĒ sounds a hell of a lot better than how it actually works. I was one of the few who thought that it could work but after seeing how much more of an important factor Chandler was last year, I actually think that having Tyson and Melo on the floor at C & PF work much better than having Amare start. Amare struggled not having the same space in the paint as he did before Tyson was here, but there is no way the Knicks would want to go back to not having last yearís Defensive Player of the year guarding the basket.

The problem is that you canít put one of your highest paid players on the bench. Especially for someone like Amare who wears his heart on his sleeve and still probably thinks he is the same guy that was running up and down the court receiving lobs from Nash. It was just a matter of time before his knees gave out in him and it looks like its gotten to the point of diminishing returns. We all know what itís like to constantly keep bringing your first beloved car to shop and come to that emotional realization that it might be better off selling instead of keep paying repair bills. Iím at this same point with Amare, but its obviously not going to be easy moving all $65M of him.

Amare had a tough year on and off the court last year and nothing would make me happier than to see him bounce back; as with most Knick fans. Still, the Knicks have made it clear that their contention window begins and ends with Carmelo and if this is the case, the Knicks are better served finding a better way to compliment Melo and Tyson. Maybe a change of scenery is just what Amare needs? After all, he has never been the same since the day Melo became a Knick. That radiant smile he used to have? Gone. That fierce tenacity he showed during games against the Celtics? Dormant. The All-Star that got MVP chants at the Garden? Ha! For what Amare currently brings to the table, there is no way the Knicks justify keeping those knees around for another 3 years. While Amare is out for first six weeks, keep a close eye on how the Knicks adjust their lineups; it could very well be the future.