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Can we agree Woodson is a dumbass and we need Stan Van Gundy or Jeff Van Gundy to lead us to the promise land?

Lets be light on Woodson .. yes Woodson gets a big-strike against him for not being able to combine Brewers best talents with Starters or bench-players.
oops, I forget Woodson already have a big-strike against him for never putting an all bench-lineup on the court this season.

Metro .... I dont think the Gundy brothers together as our coach could handle the tandem of Melo & JR any better than coach Karl, and coach Woody. Both coaches know Melo & JR are above .500+ wins in the regular-season .. and they also know "Melo, JR, and Felton" are "Wish-Factors" in a postseason series ....
"I wish they would do this on offense, and I wish they wouldve did that on defense".