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    Default I'm loving the team so far ~ two things that bother me.

    1. We're taking a boatload of threes, it sees like if we can't hit those then we might not be able to win, we need to ease up on the threes a bit. I don't want to see the whole team take threes just Novak, JR, and Melo and anybody else as long as they're open and or it makes sense in the flow of the possession. I don't want to see guys like Sheed, Felton and Brewer just to name a few, shoot all these three's

    2. Melo, it's a small sample size but he's only shooting 43%, I made a prediction that he would win MVP(he might have to just to get this team to win the division), he needs to take better shots and Kidd and Felton will help him do that. And if he continues on his pace right now he could be MVP if his committal to both ends stands up throughout the season.
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