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    Default New York vs Boston (11/6)

    Well this is just a continuation of the "Dissapointed" Thread.....

    For those of you who don't know I'd rather not explaing or write anything, Knicks got blown out by the Celtics, and we all know they're capable of better, end of story....

    I would write more but this is too dissapointing to write anymore....

    Before Mr. Tayor taught the world to play
    Before fiber glass, before parque
    Before the world Doctor was spelled with a "J"
    And ballrooms were ball courts where the renissance played
    Before hype and before the dunk
    After the rythm but before the funk
    It was only a ball, and the soul of the game

    Bleed oRaNgE & bLuE, the only way to bleed

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    Amen to that!!!!
      One outta three ain't bad.

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