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    Default This went from Obnoxious to Funny to sad!!!

    Brooklyn fans go from bragging about being the best offensive team in the league to bashing Avery Johnson faster than Superman changes out of his Clark Kent clothes.

    Reading through these post made me want to throw up because of their optimism about being up on Minny (minus there best 2 players) then humorous to watch it un-fold, then just pathetic to hear them say what Knick poster have said all summer about their team.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    The Nets have to be the most overrated team in sports. According to many NBA experts the Nets went from being one of the five worst teams in the NBA to being a top 5 team in the Eastern Conference without having played one regular season game.

    Joe Johnson went from being a very good player to a hall of famer. Kris Humphries went from being an average role player to being a human double-double machine and a top 10 power forward in the NBA. Brook Lopez went from being an average center that cannot rebound to being the best center in the Eastern Conference.

    Meanwhile the Knicks are old, sluggish, and unproven and will never be as young, energetic and determined as the Brooklyn Nets of New Jersey.

    I just can't wait until the Nets fail to make the playoffs. They remind me a lot of the Warriors of the last few years. They have talent on their team but are not as great as people make them to be.
    Humility is a virtue and pride is a vice.

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    It was a tough lost to watch but I am confident that this will be a learning lesson for them and that they will play winning basketball.

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