Our #1 star, franchise player, is Carmelo Anthony (28); His sidekick, Amar'e, is an "old" 30.

The heart-n-soul of our defensive, the man in the middle (Tyson Chandler) is 30 as well.

Our starting PG, Ray Fel, is 28; and eventually the starting SG (Shumpert) is our youngest player, he's 22. The current starying SG, a versatile role player Ronnie Brewer is only 27. Our super-sub, 6th man stud, JR Smith just turned 27.

Finally, one of NBA's elite shooters, Mr. Steve Novak, well he's only 29 years-old.

Right there folks is an 8-man rotation is chock full of mid-to-late 20 yr-olds in the prime of their respective careers. Actually, when the playoffs arrive, one can make the case that the first 8 men in the roation are:


Smith, Brewer, Novak

*This 8-man rotation has an average age of 27.6. Not the "oldest" nonsense in NBA history stuff that the national media has focused on.

What comes after this? Well, the backup PG position is filled with 2 "ancient" vets. Sure. But Kidd & Pablo valuable b/c of their brains. ELITE basketball minds. 1 is a 1st ballot HOF player, who (as recent as 2 years ago) was instrumental in beating the MIA heat (which is the team this squad is trying to, or being built to, beat). Pablo is the 3rd string PG; or 10th/11th man in the roation come playoffs. He's insurance.

Besides the backup PG spot, we employ the scary-hairy, vet cerberus beast of Camby, Thomas, & Wallace. But, to me, this is just a safety-in-numbers type package. The Knicks know there will be injuries & limited minutes, & this is why they've decided to spread the wealth. 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there; a few days off here, hot hand there...The strength being best displayed in the locker room leadership this triumvirate brings to this roster.

When the playoffs come, this trio brings 18 fouls and a nasty attitude, clogging the lane, while helping preserve interior defense, shot-blocking & rebounding when TC is on the bench (and if he gets in foul trouble).

I'm tired of hearing about the age stuff. That KIDD, CAMBY, THOMAS, WALLACE & PABLO are too old to be a factor. I think it's the opposite really. That this 5-pack will eventually prove to be the difference maker. Leadership + production = success.

1) This group of vets us about the only thing that will demand the most from Carmelo, JR Smith & Amar'e. TC wasn't enough. Toss in Woodson, and we have a group buying into a system, syncing in on the ultimate goal as 1 unit with the determination to match this intensity of focus.

2) We're talking about GREAT players, who know the game & understand their role, & (for the most part) will maximize their efficiency when given minutes.

3) These vets are here b/c it helps NYK battle MIA. Camby-Thomas-Wallace can hit jumpers and clog the lane. Taking away the penetration, which MIA thrives on. KIDD & Pablo are pass-1st PGs, who will help get easy looks for Carmelo, Amar'e & Chandler.

Let's start talking about this team as it really is... We have a core rotation of 8 players ALL IN THE PRIME of their careers. We suppliment & compliment that with a still highly productive, talented cavalry of role players, to give this NYK depth.

Knicks will attack you with a PG group of Felton, Kidd & Pablo. They can run Shumpert & Brewer at you to shut down your wing players; they have a scoring spark in their 6th man (Smith); they have a sniper (Novak); a go-to elite scoring option in the 4th (Carmelo); along with an elite scoring PF (Amare); we have maybe the best front court, in terms of clogging the lane, in Chandler & Camby & Kurt Thomas. Toss in Wallace, who can score in the post or drain a 3...

What's not to like about this team?