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    Cool I'm calling you out... nothing personal. The PG debate.

    A while ago I made a statement to the effect that with Felton, Kidd, and Prigioni... we may have the best PG trio in the NBA.

    I know that is a stretch and it was early (I believe the pre-season) but... consider:

    - We don't have an uber athletic Westbrook
    - We don't have an attacking/driver the likes of Rose
    - We don't have an assist stat machine such as Rondo

    But what do we have?

    1st we have solid passers
    2nd unselfish PG's
    3rd underestimated PG's (Felt is fat, Kidd is old, Prig is not NBA seasoned)
    4th chemistry- between Kidd & Felt they have played with Stat, TC, & JR
    5th our PG's are cool, calm, and collected

    The issue I have is with Metrocard. Nothing personal as I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you were not a believer in Ray Felt.

    While I can understand your position based on last year with the lock-out and Felt coming in uninspired and overweight, I'm starting to see you capitulating.

    You've posted things such as:
    "I just have no faith in Felton...", "I don't believe Felton is the missing piece to a Championship", "I doubt Felton, feel like his skills are too mediocre"

    And while lately you have changed your tune to the likes of..."my penis is hard, Felton is amazing", I was a bit disappointed in your initial reaction and outlook.

    While I can agree that a player can change our opinions based on their performance, I feel like:
    A) you slept on Felton as well as our PG trio early without giving them a shot
    B) you crave for a nearly impossible to get superstar at that position

    But mostly I feel that as a resident poster here forever, with the BB knowledge many respect you for, it was a big let down to read your short-sighted, pessimistic views. Especially so early.

    If there's one thing I learned it's that it doesn't necessarily take the "best" to be the best; Nor to beat the best.

    Really it's about fit, cohesion, and with the PG's especilly getting others involved & locking down on D. We don't need an "all-star" line-up. What we do need is for our players to believe.

    As I like to say (Red-ism); it's not who's better... it's can you beat them? We have proven we can beat the HEAT (both last playoffs and this year)
    But, nothing can happen if we don't first BELIEVE!

    I hope (again nothing personal) our trio lead by Ray Felton can help you believe and rethink those off the cuff comments you made earlier. As a fighter, I know you have an idea of what it's like being underestimated. It can be motivating. And from what I've seen

    Our PG's (and team) are going to take many by surprise. By the time they realize what hit them, it'll be too late. Be a leader and have faith.

    And don't forget about 6th... they are hungry, selfless, and as Felt said, they have a chip on their shoulder. Time to prove em' wrong. I just didn't expect you to be part of the doubters.

    Below is an inspiring article on Felt. One.
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