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It's not about being defensive...

This site goes beyond the front page.
There is history enriched in this site. It's timeless. It build this site help and got people interested in joining. Even the people who "didn't know anything about basketball", they were viewers who read their post and wanted to sign up just for that reason. They wanted their opinion made public, and this is the place to do it. This site is great for that...always been. If you're looking for a Knicks forum uncensored, this is the spot. Sorry if you guys were never apart of that, but you got to respect how this site was built up. Rady took nothing and made it out of something.
No need to nag on him about the "outdated" front page.

Sure, we can hook it up(theres not evident problem with that)

But be respectful. Without a lot of former posters here (many great posters, most knowledgeable fans of the game you can find on the net, over realgm, prosportsdaily, nykfanpage, etc) help build this website up.

I feel like theres always room for improvement, but imagine being in Rady's chair and hear people put down his site...negative reinforcement doesn't always produce the best vibe.

No one really comes hear to read smug attitudes and how you're so much better than this website. If you want improvement and upgrade, why don't you contribute? You seem to act like you know all about that...share the wealth brother.
I second this. KO.COM is about the history. It's about the classic battles that UFC look lame. It's about the end of season locker clean out and year end poster awards. Who cares about the front page. It's old school so what? This is where we come to kick it an talk s**T about our Knicks. And now it's about our undefeated team. Like Metro says if you have all this knowledge, enlighten us or shut it. Afraid you will get cut to pieces??? KO don't just stand for Knicks online, it's also what happens when you talk whack crap around here