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I read it right the first time, the triangle is a better offense than SSOL, you disagree?
Triangle offense it the most overrated offense of all time, and it would never be what it is without having two top 5 players in Kobe and Shaq.

Imagine if Isiah Thomas implemented a triangle offense with Crawford and Curry back in 2005. How far would that go?

07-09 Lakers averaged as a team a Offense Rating of 112.9 (Offense produced per 100 possessions

D'Antoni's teams averaged 114.

Both were very good offenses but D'Antoni was elite at getting maximal production out of lesser players.

Raja Bell averaged 15 points one season, never got close to that without D'Antoni.

Even freaking Tim Thomas.

Shawn Marion would of been a 14-15 ppg scorer on most teams in the NBA, in Phoenix his quick bounce ability and skill around the rim was utilized to it's full potential. It was great to watch a guy play his game.

Joe Johnson got so many open looks his last season in Phoenix, he shot a career best .478 percent from the 3pt line.

Remember Jim Jackson? NBA vet? Career .360 3pt shooter? Dude shot .459 at Phoenix. The amount of open looks players got in Phoenix was off the chain.

Lakers offense solely depended on Shaq and Kobe's ability to dominate, Shaq's ability to draw double teams. It was more of the players than the system.

D'Antoni's system got Nash two MVP's, made the Knicks give Amar'e all that money for him when he was never worth that value, made Marion an elite SF on both ends of the floor, saved Raja Bell's career. Gave Boris Diaw a chance when the Hawks gave up on him. Turned late first round pick Barbosa into a quality role player.

These were D'Antoni's reserves back in 05-06.

10 Leandro Barbosa
12 Andre Barrett
15 Josh Davis
23 Sharrod Ford
55 Brian Grant
50 Eddie House
21 Jim Jackson
22 James Jones
40 Kurt Thomas
2 Tim Thomas
1 Dijon Thompson
15 Nikoloz Tskitishvili

He turned that into a very productive bench.

It's just simply on offense, the Championship Lakers teams had superior defense. We were talking about offense...made no sense to bring up a championship when it requires an entire balance of O and D to win that.

For example, the 01-02 Lakers had a defense rating of 105.8, 7th in the NBA at the time.

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Stats dont lie.