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    Originally Posted by bigapple
    Kings had much better team than Lakers but Stern have to cheat coz Kobe have to get CHIMP
    ^I agree, Kobe have to get chimp...

    i'm amazed at anti-Wood Son sentiment after 1st loss of season to an aggressive home team with a 6-game winning streak, 14 straight at home.

    The Griz are one of the best teams in the league, yet the Knicks came back to within 8 points in the 4Q after being down 21 with a minute to go in the 3Q. with Chandler and Melo on bench most of game. you can fault coach for not playing Gumby, who knows if his calf is still bothering him?

    Sheed played VERY well, KT came in for quality minutes, Felton almost brought team back for chance at W.

    IMHO, JR reverted back to bad form, Melo was overmatched by Zebo and G*sshole, Novak was near invisible, and Chandler had another subpar game. combine that with one of the worst officiated games i've ever seen as a Knicks fan, it all winds up to a L. one f*cking L. deal with it and stop playing monday morning quarterback like Wood Son is the 2nd coming of Antoni.

    you gotta give props to the Griz, and have faith in the orange and blue to come back stronger and smarter.
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