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I think so too.

We need shot blocking and rebounding if we are gonna beat teams with size. this whole Amar'e and melo can't play together thing it just totally wrong imo. People say, "well they don't play well together" thing is completely unfounded. Last time amar'e was healthy, we didn't play well PERIOD because outside Melo amar'e and chandler we had a d league filled roster and a bad coach.

We now have a deep roster and a good coach. There is zero reason why Amar'e can't make us better. Other than his defense. But then again, hes being coached by woodson. he isn't going to let amar'e play if he lets guys blow by him like he did under dantoni so its not a big deal.
Thank you, we could have seriously used a bigger and more athletic squad or we won't be able to stop teams like memphis or LAC. Tyson has been falling off also..