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    Originally Posted by 21 Shump Street
    Thanks for making the thread, good points made. Magic have only scored something like 77.5 PPG in the last 3 games. I'd like to see us play suffocating D the whole game and keep them under the 75 mark. Will actually be really telling to see how we play tonight. Seemingly plenty of room to slack off and I want to see how our vets are keeping people in place for such a situation.

    Hoping for a great win to add to our record and a good boost for our stat lines
    Great point Shump Street! One of the main reasons to add so many vets late in their career has to be focus as you mentioned. The NY Giants learned what happens when you sleep on a " bad team". Rasheed , Kidd, Camby , Pablo , and Kurt have all made enough money to leave the game however they still playing for that shiny stuff ( Marbury quote ). If you got 10 minutes check out the video below for a good laugh. Steph will always be on my NBA Mount Rushmore can't take anything away from him true KNICK.

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