i have a feeling Knicks had too much time off, basking in the adulation of a 4-0 start, and losing
sight of the upcoming tough road stretch.

ya gotta give credit to Orlando for playing tough the first half, their defense was pretty good,
Chandler was having foul trouble, Sheed was missing everything, Melo was falling into
a mental funk not defending properly off the back door, and although Felton was shooting
a lot, I thought he was key throughout, hitting 3's, assisting Chandler (who missed a couple dunks),
and being THE POINT GUARD.

Pablo played well, you can see him going to the hoop immediately as opposed to pass-first,
something Wood Son is pumping into his euro-brain mentality.

Major props to Junior Swish, the difference in the game, instant offense AND defense.
his shot selection is so much better, with soft floaters in the lane, driving and thriving, and the purity
of his shooting rivaled only by truemelo.

Defensity once again reared it's massive head, letting Knicks coast to 4th quarter domination and
eventually win. a great game when taking into account road blues and playing down to comp.

good luck vs upcoming opponents, we're gonna need it.