From Mark Berman's recent update:

According to sources, White's most recent problems with the team began last week when he told the club he was upset that he was not playing, and he said if he is not playing he is going to have anxiety and he is not going to show up.
As an athlete, amateur's hard for me to see Royce behaving like this.
Theres been points in my life where I lost my job, my girl, I was homeless for two weeks and I had issues in court, but I still dragged my sorry ass to boxing to spar with 3 guys for 9-12 rounds, 4-5 times a week, do a 5 mile run in the morning and go my grandfather's apt to do power yoga, 200 pull ups, and 600 push ups + 10 minute planks. Hard work at that point of my life was the only thing I had, and I had to work harder than that to get the little I have now in my life.

I understand White has talent and worked hard enough to make it to the NBA...but I can't comprehend letting this anxiety boost up his ego and make him above the team or the got to respect the game.

Educate me on the study of anxiety disorders if you may.

If the team doesn't play you, it don't f*cking matter. White is a rookie...what does he want? LeBron minutes? Think this dude is way over his head. I punish my body daily and getting a boxing match is not easy these days, especially with the lack of support the amateur boxing committee gets, it's all about sales now. Dudes want to see more blood in the Golden Gloves tournaments, so now Open Class will be fought without head gear, professional style.

What would Royce White do if he boxed? I don't know how he's getting away with this in the NBA, he got fined already...but I can't see a future for this dude at all.