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I once believed I had this anxiety disorder, I believe the fact that Dr.'s call it a disorder brainwashes people. Its more of a lack of good coping skills and dealing with stress. Your most likely to be like those u grow up around and if people around u are too negative and overreact to stress, thats how your gonna be. My pops has always been quick to get mad and my mom is always quick to worry. Some people start to feel physical symptoms, i have felt everyone of them at one point or another and got on and off of meds twice. The last time i was on meds was 09 but I realized that the meds for this sh*t f*ck people up even worse. So it wasnt too long before i got off the meds after my 2nd failed stint with them. Not too long ago i did the attacking anxiety and depression program by Lucinda Basset and it helped put things into the proper perspective for me. Anxiety and stress are something that everybody feels. Some people that have a positive inner dialogue talk themselves through situations and never/rarely feel the physical symptoms.

Anxiety is deeply rooted in my family history, several members of my fam that are older then me and deceased are/were on xanax and other poisonous medicines for their whole lives. I'd rather suffer then be on meds. But like i said i havent been on any meds since the end of 2009. I continue to get better with time and Im very thankful that this isn't gonna be something that will be a problem for me for my whole life like several of my aunts and uncles, and even some of my grandparents. The type of knowledge they have out there is the wrong type, its the type that only makes this anxiety stuff worse for people. It brainwashes them. Theres probably at least a handfull of other members on here that have dealt with this stuff at some point. If u need any help u can hit me up anytime

Anxiety can greatly effect the lives of some people, i have heard of people not even stepping outside of their homes. Royce White however is behaving very childishly. I guess I often did too. When he was a kid i bet his folks were way too easy on him. Parents of Knicksonline, do your seeds a favor: Dont let your kids get their way. Im not saying to be mean and beat them but when u say something to them, dont turn back on it. Make them be responsible and do chores. They'll thank u later in life for it. Houston should do absolutely nothing to accommodate this kid. Make him adapt to the team, not the team adapt to him. One more note, people with "anxiety disorder" also have above average intelligence.

Physical Symptoms:

Cold Sweats
heart racing
feeling of not really being where you are
shortness of breath
Feeling of having to vomit

Having these symptons can easily lead to depression, making the cycle more vicious.
+ rep for this post because it's real (like Pac would say). I have also suffered from Anxiety, it hit me really hard last year. I first noticed it when I was maybe 12 playing ball at Astoria park and then I just started feeling depersonalization (feeling of not really being where you are) and it was kind of an out of body experience. It happened out of no where and I was freaking out because I didn't why I feeling like that. Then it would happen again to the point where I was having anxiety attacks almost everyday and it wouldn't let me focus on school, family etc. After seeing the neurologist to see what the **ck was going on the doctor told me that I suffer from anxiety and that I just need to relax and not think about it. Knowing that Anxiety disorders are normal and that many people all over the world suffer from it as well helped me a lot as well. If you have anxiety the best thing to do is eat well, relax, and get it out of your mind. Anxiety is no joke and it's really scary when it is happening to you. Not to sound cliche but smoking weed has really helped calm me down and since I started toking up my anxiety has been gone. And I agree with what you said on meds, it really doesn't fix the problem it just relieves the symptoms. I believe ADHD and medication (in some cases) is complete bs, counseling and helping people cope and understand their problem is a better method imo.