The Knicks showed weakness and a 4th quarter superiorty over a tough Spurs team for a crunchtime win.

Jason Kidd's team leadership on offense/defense has become above-average
to lead us to a 6-0 Knicks record.
Giving PG-Raymond Felton the greenlight to run the offense vs a tough
defensive Spurs team who kept their best double-defenders on Melo was a
great strategic move when Melo kept his defenders far from the paint plus
Melo kept the Knicks ball movement consistently moving throughout the game....
The Spurs were expecting Melo to shoot 12 or more shots in the 4th quarter, but Melo fooled the Spurs by taking 2 shots in the 4th quarter and only 12 shots throughout his 40 minutes of playingtime .. career record.

Melo's 40 minutes of playingtime lastnight step-down his scoring ego to play team-ball to lead the Knicks in a team win .. Remarkable.
If Melo keep sacrificing his high scoring reputation for a team win, then the tandem of Melo & Amare will GELL in a Knicks lineup and rotation.

Any thoughts on the outstanding crunchtime WIN that have us with the best record in the league ....