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And hopefully Amar'e gaining too much muscle and injuries last season was the reason why he was THAT bad defensively. He literally played none a lot of times, not even moving.

Imagine he starts blocking the **** out of people again like he did early in that 8-game win streak early in his first season with the Knicks? Blocking shots doesn't mean you're a great defender, but it is defense and it does energize the team, himself as well. He wasn't a big liability during that time.

After the infamous glass injury to the hand happened, he did show heart the game he returned and helped the team win, hopefully he can do this all season, which might happen with the consistency our team has been bringing.
Yeah and after Woodson's take over there were flashes of solid D from Amare. Of course, we can't settle for flashes, but I think when all 10-12 players in the rotation are committing there won't be anywhere for STAT to hide he's going to have to put up.