If you get 10 boards out of Tyson on the year you're absolutely thrilled.

The style of defense we play is not conducive to the Man Handler putting up career rebounding numbers, he's everywhere on defense and can't be relied upon to put up big boards, too much help defending and switching.

We aren't going to change to playing a bigger lineup, this worked 6 out of 7 games and it will continue to work against most teams, because most teams don't have the best rebounder in the league alongside another 7 footer.

Woodson had a good plan last night, for us to concede some ground against their bigs on defense while Melo got their bigs in foul trouble on the other end.

That gameplan got thrown out of the window when the refs decided not to call anything in the entire first half of the game. So Woody adjusted, deciding to fight fire with fire and use our second unit bigs to get us back in the game while their starters rested, and it worked very well.

Sadly the refs decided the best way to calm the game down after the hectic first half was to start calling every little foul there was and we didn't get the memo.

The one thing I take out of the game last night is we have to play the refs better, that's it. Stop complaining so much and pissing off the refs.