The Pacers have gotten off to a rough start, and the recently re-signed MAX contract of Roy Hibbert hasn't been a move to match its expected merits.

Indiana coach Frank Vogel is trying to plug leaks up and down his rotation, so Hibbert’s poor start to 2012-13 – and mental toughness – are just two of the problems. “It’s confidence and adjustments to new roles by pretty much everybody on our team except our two big guys,” Vogel said. “Roy and David [West] are dealing with everybody else on the team adjusting, and them trying to keep a rhythm while that’s happening.”

The Big East Edition threads are for match-ups against the East's upper echelon teams. Each Big East Edition will feature a mini video mix of a particular Knick.

To kick off the feature, I'll be bringing you a mini mix of Raymond Felton, who, as I'm sure we all agree, has met brash words with brash actions since his return to coolness.

Raymond Felton

New New YRk

An absolute favourite of mine, New New York brings the stang in every one of his well thought out posts.

● Rumours have led us to believe that he also sports a scrotum that looks not dissimilar to Krang off the Ninja Turtles, and that he draws his power thence.