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Chandler is too passive under own board. Center should make more rebounds and blocks. We're giving too many second chances for opponent teams.
I think Chandler played ok. Last year he stood out more at the Defensive Part and Rebounding because sometimes nobody except shump really played D. It was easier for him to shine in some games at the defensive end. This year every is doing his part on getting the ball and i think the knicks are doing a great job at the defensive end so far.

Today was a classical "grind-out" game with poor shooting but the Defense really got us the win.
I think that against Pacers TC was more active in D and did many block outs so the others had easier rebounds. I saw that many times and was pleased to see it working. Anyway i thnik Tyson has some way to be in last year form even if its obvious that he is not alone as deamon said only him and Shup was there last year ...

TC is very athletic plays nice p&r and i think that if he could add some moves in offencive game could be a real weapon