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I'm not sure if its a lock that Amare is going to be starting. I always took Woodson's "egos at the door" talk as being directed to Amare. Then again, he's loyal to his vets so I really have no idea what to expect out of Woody. It also depends on how healthy Amare is when he gets back. I havent heard anything about his rehab and find it strange he isn't even on the bench during games. That can't be good for moral

Great Point .. I too been checkin the bench at home games wondering where the hell is Amare?

Woody has his hands full with the (oil & water EGO'S of) Melo & Amare not wanting to be in the same lineup or on the same roster.
Woody commented on Camby being healthy throughout the DNP, trying to find a place on the team. While I believe Camby wouldve made a huge difference in the Grizz game.
Chandler has a great career when used as a 24 minute per game center.

My biggest concern is the front court. Sheed is looking good on the low post and the Tyson/Camby dynamic is going to be solid for us once Camby gets more time in (looks like Woody is bringing him along similar to what he did with Rasheed) but when Stat returns then what?

I mean just like Shump what this affords us is the opportunity to let Stat completely heal...I mean he can actually practice for weeks before actually playing in a game, but then who do you sit? I mean Novak can just become a very expensive bench warmer or maybe we can trade him (see my proposed trade in the trade thread) but Novak being out is kinda hard to imagine.
With Amare out I thought our frontcourt rotation of bigmen would be Chandler/Camby sharing 48 minutes at center, and Kurt/Sheed sharing 48 minutes at PF .. just a thought.

I thought Woody would use Novak as a spot-shooter in the rotation, receiving no minutes in the first half of each game, while receiving 15 or more minutes in the 2nd half of games .. that would keep Novak sharper with his catch n shoot or fake dribble n shoot.

Brewer should be playing multi-position at SG/SF receiving more minutes than JR.Smith .. the thought of using JR.Smith as a first or 2nd option on offense is scary because of his career as an inconsistent player with to much dribbling in his performance.