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    Default What if Walsh hired Woody over Dantoni

    This is completely hypothetical because Woody was in ATL and they were satisfied with him.

    But lets look at this from several perspectives

    1.Who would we have drafted in 2008?

    Gallo was a Dantoni pick (due in large part to his relationship with Gallo's dad) but would a Woody coached team picked him up?

    2.Could Woody have reached Steph like he has with JR and Melo

    Nuff said really

    3.What would have our record have been in the first year

    4.Which Free Agent would we have signed in 2010/Would David Lee still be a Knick
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    Hard to answer some of these questions. If we had Woody would we have traded Randolph and Crawford? That has a big impact on who would have been drafted.

    All I can tell you is there's no way D Lee would still be a Knick imo his defense is as bad as Amare.

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    1.Brook Lopez



    4.I think the Knicks would have signed Joe Johnson. And I believe that David Lee would have been the perfect PF to play alongside Brook Lopez. So yeah, he would have still been a Knick.
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    I doubt we still land melo, so all and all, even if we made better decisions back then the outcome would have been worse.

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    HArd to say.

    Mostly because regardless of coach, our GM was Walsh. Walsh was dedicated to purging the Isiah Thomas Roster at all costs. MDA said he played guys to improve their eventual trade value.

    Whether that part you believe or not, it's hard not to see Walsh made moves to purge the roster. Not sure how Woodson would have done (or any coach) with a roster that was looking to be blown up pre-2010.
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