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Carmelo has been really good this season, but I get super frustrated with that pull up hand-in-his-face jumper that he sometimes will settle for. Would've much preferred for him to try and get to the basket on the last shot there.
I think its easy to play Monday morning QB with that last play, essentially because he missed. If he had drove etc... is not what stands out to me.

What does is the fact that we shouldn't have been there to begin with, nor should we keep a game close to give a chance for the refs to decide.

That said, it was our mismanagement of our possessions that hurt us similar to how we used to play. There was no need to get into a shootout after we had a comfortable lead. There was no impetus to shoot the 3 at that rate with the lead,

and what happened is what always happened... we let a team back in it by virtue of poor shot selection.

1. We are relying on too many threes (ala MDA) and this provides a false sense of security.

2. Our perimeter defense needs improvement (as I keep saying). Mayo twice, Holiday, VC, and Parker for a stretch, too easily either got an uncontested shot of or got into the teeth of the defense. Steals are nice but thwarting penetration and contesting shots needs improvement. Perimeter rotations need improvement as there are too many open shots coming form the perimeter.

3. A major culprit is Novak. No longer can he disappear on defense and we not notice or hold him accountable. He must shake the habits instilled by his old coach, and learn to contribute in more ways than one. Novak's defense is poor at best, and without hitting 3's he's useless.

*COACH Please figure a way to stop featured players. Either we rotate a "specific" defender on their hot man (no homo) such as Brewer, or we trap and get the ball out of his hands. Letting players get hot and confident comes back to bite you.